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The Sound of the Soul: Music for Qin and Xiao 2CD + KIRJA ( CD )

Deng Hong, Chen Shasha, Zhu Lei-The Sound of the Soul: Music for Qin and Xiao 2CD + KIRJA
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Deng Hong / Chen Shasha / Zhu Lei: The Sound of the Soul - Music for Qin and Xiao 2CD + BOOK

Kiinalaisen musiikin peruskivi on qin. Sinologisti Cecilia Lindqvist on omistanut elämänsä soittimelle ja kirjoittanut oppaan - englanniksi ja kiinaksi - 24 levyille valitsemistaan kappaleesta. Näillä pääsee alkuun.

• Double CD of Chinese music beautifully presented in book format.

• Mastering the 7 silk strings of the qin involves learning 26 kinds of vibrato and 54 clearly differentiated finger techniques while the accompanying Xiao is a warm toned bamboo flute, predecessor of the Japanese shakuhachi.

• The music played on these instruments embodies ancient Chinese philosophical and religious ideas -- how to live in harmony with nature and to achieve insight into the ultimate meaning of existence

• Contains high-quality booklets -- one written in Chinese characters, the other in English -- with illustrations and detailed notes

1. Flowing waters
2. Three variations on the melody Plum Blossoms
3. Hearing the music of a flute on the terrace of the phoenix
4. Tears for Yan Hui
5. Hearing someone play the flute one night in the town of Luo
6. Bamboo branches
7. Dawn over the Jade Palace
8. On the river below the Qingming festival
9. Three variations on parting for Yangguan
10. Spring water flowing over the rock
11. Serene night
12. Clouds over the Xiao and Xiang rivers

1. Spring morning
2. Seagulls never forget
3. Su Wu herds sheep
4. Yellow clouds, autumn wind
5. The phoenix’s hairpin (Lu You)
6. The phoenix’s hairpin (Tang Wan)
7. Jingling pendants in space
8. Pu´an’s prayer
9. from Eighteen songs about a nomad flute
10. Wild geese descending on the sandbank
11. Moon over the mountain pass
12. The creak of the oars